Are you prepared?

Are you prepared for today? Are you ready for a battle when, not if, it comes your way? Satan is going to try his best to defeat you today. He wants to BREAK you. He wants you to feel HOPELESS, to leave you feeling DEFEATED and WORTHLESS. He’s going to try and WEAKEN your faith, to ROB you of your joy, to fill your mind with DOUBTS and FEARS. REMIND YOURSELF OF THIS TODAY: NO MATTER WHAT you are facing, we have a God who will go before us that is faithful and is ready to FIGHT for us! When Satan tried to tempt Jesus while he was in the wilderness (MATTHEW 4), what did Jesus use to counter the attacks waged against him? THE WORD OF GOD! Jesus said “IT IS WRITTEN…” He used the WORD of God to battle His tempter! ALL scripture is breathed out by God (2 TIMOTHY 3:16) God’s word held POWER then, and it STILL holds that POWER TODAY! I encourage you to grab your Bible off that table today, knock the dust off, and DIVE into His word! Store His WORD up in your heart and BE READY for that battle when it comes today! GOD LOVES YOU and I DO TOO! ❤ God Bless You!

bible blur christ christianity
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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