Choosing His Joy

I sauntered through the kitchen this morning with puffy eyes, lacking sleep, trying to avoid the little landmines of toys scattered across the floor, to view the sink full of dirty dishes just staring me in the face, almost taunting me. I walked on through to the laundry area only to see the mounds of dirty clothes staring back at me…the ones I didnt get to wash yesterday due to having 2 sick babies attached to my hip. I started filling the washing machine, fighting back the urge to cry, feeling overwhelmed and defeated before my day could even start. I hear the kids quarreling in the living room and the dog begins barking, the baby starts crying…” Oh Lord, I’m tired. I’m SO tired! I feel so overwhelmed and I don’t know if I can do it all! I need you to help me.” That’s when He gave me this scripture. PSALM 3:3 ” BUT YOU, O LORD, ARE A SHIELD ABOUT ME, MY GLORY, AND THE LIFTER OF MY HEAD.” Just when I was feeling discouraged, hanging my head in defeat…He did exactly what His word said. HE LIFTED MY HEAD! He FILLED me with a renewed DETERMINATION, HE RESTORED my PEACE, CALMED MY HEART AND MIND, and SHIELDED me from the lies Satan was trying to tell me. I CAN do it! I CAN DO ALL THINGS through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS ME and YOU CAN TOO! Today, let your COFFEE AND your JOY OVERFLOW! The JOY OF THE LORD is OUR STRENGTH and that’s something to get excited about! ❤ When Satan tells you that you CAN’T today, when he tries to STEAL your joy and FILL you with WORRIES, DOUBTS, and FEARS cling to the LORD and His WORD! Let HIM be the LIFTER OF YOUR HEAD TODAY! GOD LOVES YOU and I DO TOO! ❤

happy coffee
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

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