Bitter Betty

Bitter Betty, Crabby Abby, Angry Arnie, Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer, Jealous Jane??? …We have ALL at one time or another personified these “people” to a tee ( while providing Oscar worthy performances none the less 😉 ) Am I proud of it…NOPE. Do I wish I could say I was a Sunny Sally 24/7? Oh I WISH. 😛 But reality is, we ALL face struggles and we ALL fight daily battles. Our circumstances might differ, but we ALL endure the same emotions in some shape or form. Our RESPONSE to our situations determines a LOT. Our OUTLOOK directly affects our OUTCOME. (JOHN 10:29 ) tells us that Satan comes only to KILL, STEAL, and DESTROY but JESUS came to give us LIFE (and this is my favorite part) life ABUNDANTLY. We don’t have to feel like we are barely surviving, just getting by, going through the motions…God wants us to ENJOY this life that He has blessed us with! (1 THESSALONIANS 5:11)tells us to ENCOURAGE one another and BUILD one another UP. Jealous Jane NEEDS your smile. (Even though she may not reciprocate kindness to YOU) Negative Nancy NEEDS your reminder that God loves her and that He promised to make ALL things work for our good. Help Debbie Downer to not see her glass as half empty NOR half full. Help her to be thankful GOD BLESSED HER WITH A GLASS! Your SMILE, your LOVE, your KINDNESS, your WORDS of encouragement…they make a DIFFERENCE. God has called us to build one another UP, not to tear each other DOWN. Be a BLESSING to someone today! Extend the same LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE to others that God extends to US and pray that when the Bitter Betty in YOU tries to rise up, God will send a smile, a hug, a scripture, whatever it is you might be needing, YOUR way to help remind you of HIS GOODNESS. GOD LOVES YOU AND I DO TOO! ❤

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