When Your “Get Up & Go” has Got Up & Gone.

photography of a woman sitting on the chair listening to music
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Has your “GET UP AND GO” got up and gone? I know I have found myself feeling that way more times than I care to count! Maybe you’re feeling completely burnt out. Are you frustrated with monotonous or seemingly tedious tasks that fill your day? You know what I’m talking about…you’ve been there too. It’s so easy for us to lose sight of what’s REALLY important! You ask yourself repeatedly, why am I doing this again? That motivational spark that got us all fired up in the beginning has now fizzled out…been doused with water, extinguished, and stomped out of existence 😉 You’re not alone! BUT the Bible tells us (GALATIANS 6:9) for us to not grow weary in our well doing, cause if we stick with it, without giving up, we will reap a harvest (a blessing). It also tells us (PHILIPPIANS 4:13) that we can do ALL things, not just a select few, scattered here and there things, but ALL things through CHRIST who STRENGTHENS us! 1 CORINTHIANS 10:31 says that EVERYTHING we do should be done to the GLORY of GOD. Whether you are sitting at a desk doing paperwork, volunteering overseas in mission work, working another 16 hour shift helping to save precious lives, ringing up someone’s groceries at the store, or wiping little noses and tooshies all day…we can do it ALL to the GLORY of God! Don’t lose your vision! A people without a vision will PERISH! (PROVERBS 29:18) If you have to write it down, write it down! Read it often! (I have to do this for myself ❤ ) Remind yourself that God made YOU for a PURPOSE! He has a PLAN for YOUR life! Don’t give up. Get EXCITED about what God HAS DONE and is GOING TO DO in YOUR life!

Help us today Lord to focus on you in ALL that we do. Give us VISION, give us HOPE, and a renewed DETERMINATION to work our hardest and try our very best at whatever is before us! Help us to apply our effort and time to things that are pleasing to YOU and to let YOUR love shine through US for others to see! ❤ GOD LOVES YOU and I DO TOO! ❤

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