How I Teach Handwriting To My Little Ones


Over the years I’ve experimented with more curriculums than I can count. Some curriculums have worked well for some of my children while some have not. All children have different learning styles and interests and I try to accommodate each one’s varying learning needs and interests.

I like to teach some subjects individually while teaching others as a group with all of my children at one time. Handwriting is one that seems to work well for us as a group.

Each of our children has a whiteboard with their name on it. When we start our lessons each day, the kids grab their whiteboard and marker and head for the living room. I have a whiteboard that I use to demonstrate the process and technique for each letter. I like to start with just a few letters a week until each child has confidently mastered their entire manuscript and cursive alphabet.

You can sing fun songs or play silly games to help keep the children engaged during the writing lesson. This is a relaxed, fun, and creative time for the kids. Have fun with it! I’m a huge advocate of learning through play! Learning shouldn’t be a chore…it should be a desire! Having used numerous handwriting books and curriculums in the past, my kids soon tired and became bored with them. They lost interest and it just wasn’t fun for anyone…including me!

An example of my handwriting teaching method would be as follows:

I like to let the children preview the chosen letters first. We incorporate a phonics lesson while learning the correct handwriting technique for each letter simultaneously. The first time I demonstrate the letter, I like to draw dots and connect to form the letter. Then I will draw the letter giving only directional cues. Then I will ask each child to attempt to draw the letter. It may take some of your children a little longer than others, but just keep encouraging them!

We learn the uppercase and then the lowercase manuscript letter. Then, we learn the uppercase and lowercase cursive letter. Make sure to provide extra help to any little ones who are struggling to master a letter or number. It’s crucial to build their confidence and to encourage them to keep trying!

I also like to let the children take playdoh and form the shapes of their letters on the white board after they are finished writing. This helps to reinforce the lesson (plus who doesn’t love playdoh).

I know this sounds overly simple, but that is the beauty of it! It’s easy, fun for the kids, and it works! It works! I’d love to know some of the things you have used to teach your little ones to write. I always love hearing from others and learning about your ideas!

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