Family Food & Fun

Strawberry French Toast

This is a super quick breakfast the whole family will love. Our little ones love to help with preparing it as well as gobbling it up. This recipe is great if you have some bread that is going stale or is a little too dry. Waste not and want not. We can find a use for everything! Our recipes are scaled for our large family, so you might want to scale back for a smaller crowd. You can freeze your leftovers and they will taste just as good the second time around. You choose your toppings…traditional syrup, fresh fruits, jams, whipped cream…it’s all up to you.

Preheat your griddle (you can use a frying pan as well if you so desire) to medium heat. In a large bowl crack and whisk about a dozen eggs. Add in your desired amount of cinnamon and vanilla extract. I like to add just a splash of milk to mine as well. Whisk the eggs, vanilla, cinnamon and milk thoroughly.

Take a slice of bread (slice if still in full loaves) and submerge it into your egg mixture. Once fully saturated place it onto your hot griddle. Once the eggs are cooked on one side, flip. Continue until you have made your desired amount of french toast.

Top with a homemade fruit jam like pictured above, warm maple syrup, etc. Enjoy!

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