Today I Pray For The Momma Who Feels Like Giving Up

Today I pray for the momma who feels like giving up. I don’t know the battles that she is facing today God, but I know that you do. Today, she may be hiding her tears behind an exhausted smile and attempting to cover her broken heart through the sounds of forced laughter. She might be pushing herself just to make it through this daily charade and is left wondering if she’s strong enough to endure even one more day of this life. The mountains in front of her seem so tall Lord, and her mind is racing with thoughts that she is struggling to control. She feels like the enemy has her backed into a corner with no escape. Today, she feels like giving up Lord. Father God, I pray that you will speak peace to her troubled heart today. I pray that you will cover her in your love and fill her with a joy and a new found hope like she has never experienced before. Help her to realize that you are with her, and that you are fighting for her! Teach her to draw her strength from you Father and stir up within her a courage of David to stand against these giants in her path. Remind her that your plans for her are good and that you will never leave her or forsake her. I pray for this momma today God, whoever she is, and wherever she may be, in Jesus name. Amen.

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