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The Incredible Eye

The Incredible Eye

One of the things that we studied this year in Biology was the eye. The eye is an amazing sense organ that is reactive to light and pressure. Did you know that the eye muscles are the fastest muscles in the body or that the lifespan of your eyelashes is only about 5 weeks? This unit study can be used for various ages. Listed below are just a few various links to different free activities that I have found on the internet along with photos of the cow eye dissection that we performed this year. Feel free to contour the unit study to your family’s learning needs and desires. Happy Homeschooling friends! This is a list of interesting facts you might not have known about the eye. Here’s a fun song to help learn the anatomy and physiology of the eye A free anatomy printable of the eye Anatomy fill-in worksheet. The answers are also located on this site. This is a link to a cow eye dissection kit. Below are some photos of our cow eye dissection this year.

coweye3.jpg You can watch a cow eye dissection here. Scroll down the page until you reach Day #46 SENSES. Complete the reading, activities, and games via the links listed on days #46, #47, and #48. This is broken up into activities for lower grade levels (L) and middle grade levels (M). (This is the site we primarily use for our homeschooling. We love all things Easy Peasy!)

These are some interactive matching games to help reinforce the anatomy of the eye.

Be sure to take pictures of your activities, crafts, and projects, and list any books you might reference during your study. Print off your papers and stick them inside your homeschool portfolio. (If your state allows for this assessment option)

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    I recently had the displeasure of having to dissect a cow’s eye for my biology course. At home. For moral reasons, I was allowed to submit an interactive assignment , which is great because I attend school online don’t know if I have it in me to pop open a cow’s eye at the dining room table. Luckily, I found this blog post by Livin’ and Lovin’ This Crazy Life which if full of helpful links.

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