Free Unit Lessons

The Helpful Heart

The Helpful Heart

Here is another free unit study that I put together from free resources online while we were studying the heart this year. The heart is one of our most important and helpful organs. Here are some of our others unit studies if you would like to check them out. ” The Amazing Brain” FREE unit study , The Incredible Eye Please feel free to customize, add to, or omit to meet your children’s learning needs and desires. Happy homeschooling friends!

Above is a link to a sheep heart dissection kit. Down below you can see pictures of our own home dissection.

This is a fun little song to help you remember some of the major anatomical structures of the heart as well as their functions. This is a wonderful slideshow with some great information and graphics on the heart. This site offers an interactive heart labeling game. Quiz yourself to see what you’ve learned so far!

Another fun song to learn how blood flows through the heart and throughout the rest of the body. Scroll down to day #21 The Circulatory System. Click on the daily links from Day #21 to Day #29. These are some wonderful free resources!(This is the homeschooling curriculum that we generally use during our homeschooling. We love all things Easy Peasy!)

Be sure to print off any worksheets, take pictures or any completed activities, and record any books or articles you might read to add to your homeschool portfolio. (If your state allows this as an assessment option.)